"Writing the new record, we didn’t want to go backward. We wanted to move forward, so we made a conscious effort to do it. It felt like we were kids starting a band for the first time."


"Writing the new record, we didn’t want to go backward. We wanted to move forward, so we made a conscious effort to do it. It felt like we were kids starting a band for the first time."

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Spencer Reid | 110 The Popular Kids

Actually, there aren’t that many scientific errors in Star Trek. Especially considering how long ago it was made. There are certain improbabilities, but not that many outright errors.


This piece by Samantha Allen (published nine months ago) remains in my bookmarks because of its succinct and pointed language. It is a take-down of the way folks (even purported trans allies) use sex/gender dichotomies to de-legitimize or ultimately talk around trans identity.

For me, the stand-out line is always:

“Sex” is gender in doctor’s clothing: nothing more, nothing less.


im a cistrender. i pretend to be cis so that i wont get harassed at school.


if you’re cis and you don’t always like being the gender people say you are, that makes sense, because gender is necessarily a rigid and imperfect way of categorizing people. but instead of thinking you have to just deal with it and accept your assigned gender, have you considered: don’t do that. gender is a fake as hell imposition and you don’t have to obey it. follow your gay little heart to greener and freer pastures

cis people = poop + piss
I once heard a particular infamous radfem, when pressured to give examples of 'shared girlhood' type experiences that all (cis) women have in common (and thus justifying misgendering trans women), use "getting your first period" as her example. I'm lost, what does menstruation have to do with socialization again?




A lot of stuff about menstruation involves socialization, but even that’s not a universal shared girlhood experience.

The stuff that involves socialization includes negativity about it, positivity about it, not even warning about it before it starts so you have a child freaking out over it.

The thing is that with cis girls, not menstruating is itself an experience that has an impact on them. But with trans girls, we’re just told we’re perfectly okay with that, and it’s appropriation for it to have an impact on us.

Those messages about menstruation aren’t directed at “menstruaters,” they’re directed at girls.

What about cis girls with amenorrhoea? Are they not ‘real girls’ because they never got their period? Do people think girls don’t internalize those messages just because they never got menarche?

So many of these TERF’s arguments end up being just generally misogynistic when you also apply them to cis women. Well, TERFs are just out to harm trans women, and since it turns out we’re actually not that different from cis women (because we’re women) if you’re going to attack us you’re just attacking women in general.

Don’t even get me started on their “a woman can be defined by the absence of a penis” toxic sludge doctrine. Is Sigmund Freud running the show over there? Christ…

^^^^ YES.


kirby im still dead serious about doing a marauders roleplay. heres some gay girl faces. no peter because i am lazy

you seem cool but also im frustrated that you think gender is a choice >:\


Hi, there.  I’m glad you think I seem cool.  

A lot of people misunderstand what i’m saying when I tell people that gender is or can be a choice, or that I think men should question masculinity and maleness.  Here are some of the things i DON’T mean:

  1. all men everywhere are lying about being men, especially trans men
  2. Every man has to stop being a man or be arrested by the Gender Police 
  3. being a trans man makes you an irredeemably awful person

A lot of my posts that get passed around by truscum tend to get interpreted this way, because it’s the internet and everyone assumes the worst of everyone else on the internet.  Here are some of the ideas I’m trying to get across in my posts:

  1. men are an oppressor class with power over women and non-men.
  2. men often hurt themselves, other men, and women and non-men when they assert their masculinity.
  3. men should be open to the possibility of abandoning maleness if they can, because aligning oneself with womanhood is a very good way to fight misogyny and find solidarity with other women; i also want to help destigmatize atypical womanhood (about 85% of my followers are trans women, including most of my mutuals, and most of the rest are non-binary or genderweird afab girls), and one of the ways to do that is to bring the possibility of abandoning maleness to people’s attention.
  4. if a man cannot abandon maleness because he can’t organize his gender experiences into something that makes sense as a non-man, then he should work to eradicate misogyny in himself and in other men, and work to deconstruct the toxicity of male identity from within.
  5. gender is determined by oneself and not by anybody else; as long as an identity is not appropriative, you can choose to describe your experiences with gender however you want.  Some of my followers consider themselves to be women who were men until they abandoned maleness; others find certain superficial elements of masculine identity appealing but deliberately choose to self-describe as non-men in order to make it clear that they align themselves with women and against the patriarchy.

"gender is/can be a choice" is shorthand for: a lot of people have Weird Feelings About Gender at least some of the time, and everybody with Gender Feelings can choose to interpret those feelings however they want to.  

I just encourage people with Gender Feelings to lean towards transness and womanhood and not towards cisness or manhood.

as they say in my blogging circles: “being trans is a feel and anyone can know it.”